Pinot Noir Collection

Native to Burgundy and notoriously fickle to grow, Pinot Noir grapes have found in New Zealand a home away from home. Our hot summer days and cool nights offer the perfect climate to create world-class wines. So we thought, why not add them to our chocolate?

Gibbston Valley Pinot Noir was the first wine to be infused into our Seriously Good Chocolate. The bold fruity notes of the wine complemented the dark chocolate and made for an elegant mouthfeel. The chocolates instantly became a hit, and we haven’t looked back. Now our Pinot Noir range includes other excellent wines from the region, including Allan Scott, Church Road and Mission Estate.

We work closely with the winemakers to create a blend that perfectly complements both the wine and chocolate notes.

An all-time favourite and our original Kiwi infusion this Pinot Noir chocolate is a must try. It’s so good we’ve created an entire range including Pinot Noir salt and pepper – wonderful additions to savoury meals.