Our Chocolates

We source our ingredients and our produce from the heart of Southland and New Zealand. We pride ourselves in being a kiwi company developing kiwi flavours including the flavours of our countries finest wineries and breweries. Our chocolates are handcrafted in our factory by trained chocolatiers and artisans who think outside the square to come up with unique kiwi flavours using the best quality produce. Choose from the following delicious selections:

This range is a true reflection of our New Zealand heritage and number eight-wire spirit. We are very proud to be a New Zealand company and to promote New Zealand to the world through chocolate. It represents our identity – each of our chocolates are inspired by New Zealand icons and have a distinctively Kiwiana flavour.

We are very proud of this range as it from this unique idea that our company began. It is a true reflection of our company values – innovation, quality and uniqueness. As a world first we began working together with Gibbston Valley winery infusing the wine into chocolate. We have since expanded and today work with a number of leading New Zealand wineries to create the excellent partnership of wine and chocolate. We work closely with the winemakers to ensure we create a blend that perfectly compliments the notes of both the wine and chocolate.

Our beer collection is a range of flavours derived from the best breweries New Zealand has to offer. Our couverture chocolate infused with the smooth taste of our countries beer is a treat for any chocolate lover.