HipHop Bunny - Easter 9 Box

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Hip Hop a Hippity Hop to the Chocolate Shop. Chocolate in a Hot Cross Bun - the best flavoured Hot Cross Bun you have ever tasted followed by Salty Caramel.  A very cool box for  the lads in your life

3x Salty Caramel
3x Praline Nests
3x Hot Cross Buns



Some of the main Easter activities in New Zealand include the following:

  • Massive purchasing of chocolate eggs and candy - From the Seriously Good Chocolate Company.
  • Socialising with friends and family, including special dinners
  • Taking a long-awaited vacation to other parts of the country
  • Baking, buying, and consuming hot cross buns, particularly at a family breakfast on Easter Morning - Get your Hot Cross Buns in Chocolate from us online!
  • Making and hunting for Easter eggs - Our boxes would look great hidden in your homes!

So get in quick... SERIOUSLY!