Seriously Good Chocolate Co: 5 Reasons Why Our Chocolates Stand Out

Seriously Good Chocolate Co: 5 Reasons Why Our Chocolates Stand Out

Seriously Good Chocolate Co: 5 Reasons Why Our Chocolates Stand Out


Have you ever wondered what sets Seriously Good Chocolates apart from the rest? We receive this question quite often, so we wanted to share with you the top five reasons why our luxurious chocolates are truly unique and deliver an unparalleled taste experience. Prepare to discover the delightful world of Seriously Good Chocolate Co and understand what makes our creations seriously different.

  1. They Are Fresh!

When it comes to taste, freshness matters. That's why we create fresh batches of chocolate every week. We believe in keeping our shelf lives as short as possible, ensuring that you get the freshest taste when you take that first indulgent bite. With Seriously Good Chocolate Co, you can savour the rich flavours and smooth textures that only fresh chocolates can provide.

  1. Locally Sourced Ingredients and Infusions

We take pride in our seriously superior taste and texture, which sets us apart from chocolates available at local supermarkets. One of the secrets behind our exquisite flavours is our commitment to sourcing and infusing with locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. By using the finest ingredients from trusted local suppliers, we ensure that each bite of Seriously Good Chocolate Co transports you to a realm of sublime deliciousness.

  1. Over 40+ Unique Flavours

What makes us different from other chocolate companies in New Zealand is our extensive range of flavours. While we are proud to be chocolatiers using chocolate couverture like the majority of others, Seriously Good Chocolate Co stands out by creating small batches of over 40+ flavours. Whether you crave classic combinations or adventurous taste experiences, we have a flavour that will delight your senses and leave you longing for more.

  1. Design and Customisation in Small Runs

Looking for a heartfelt way to express gratitude to a customer or provide a memorable gift for your staff? Planning an event or seeking a stunning addition to your wedding dessert table? Seriously Good Chocolate Co has got you covered. With our custom-made small batches, starting from a minimum quantity of approximately 25, you can bring your chocolate packaging dreams to life.

Simply share your ideas with our design team, and they will work their magic to create something truly enchanting for you (for a small fee). Alternatively, you can request a template and design your own personalised masterpiece. With Seriously Good Chocolate Co, the possibilities for customisation are limitless.

  1. Not Found in Supermarkets

At Seriously Good Chocolate Co, we make a promise: you will not find our chocolates in supermarkets. We are committed to creating the very finest chocolates using only the highest quality ingredients. To maintain our uncompromising standards, we refuse to sacrifice quality to adhere to a specific price point. By ensuring that our chocolates are not available in supermarkets, we can deliver a truly exceptional taste experience that showcases our dedication to perfection.

Seriously Good Chocolate Co takes pride in offering chocolates that are seriously different. From our commitment to freshness and locally sourced ingredients to our extensive range of unique flavours and small-run customisations, we strive to exceed expectations with every bite. With Seriously Good Chocolate Co, you can indulge in the ultimate chocolate experience and savour the difference that sets us apart.

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