Not just about the chocolate.

Many years ago on the wild west coast of the South Island, lived a man. He was the mayor, the fire chief, the bookstore owner, and my grandfather, Tik Heenan. Tik was also the town chocolate maker, and into his chocolate he poured all his integrity, passion and his love for New Zealand. When Tik was gone, his recipe passed through many generations. Until, when chance came, it was handed to the most unlikely creature imaginable. Me.

For me, it’s never been just about the chocolate. It’s about the people, the place, and doing something we love. We handcraft with aroha and Southern grit to create that taste of New Zealandness our customers love. We’re proud to develop Grandad’s recipe into a company that promotes our heritage to the world through chocolate.

Taste what it means to be Kiwi, one bite at a time.

xx Jane

Factory Tours

Factory tours are available for groups of about 12. Come and see where the magic happens, and of course there'll be a chance to taste all of your favourites. 

Seriously Good Cafe

Pop in for a coffee, and one of our sugared donuts, oozing with chocolate. We do savoury items too. Our ploughman's sandwich will get you through until dinner. Tomorrow.

Platters from $60

Platters are coming soon to Seriously Good, so you can share a taste of New Zealand at your next function. Get in touch with Jane, or order online in the New Year. 

NZ Jaffa Southland Handmade Chocolate
Hokey Pokey Brittle Bark Chocolate
Strawberry Gel Tablet Chocolate Block
NZ Strawberry Chardonnay Chocolate White Truffle

Festive need to knows...

Please note that online order delivery lead-time may vary due to extra seasonal pressure on postal/courier services. Delivery may take up to 5 working days as a result.

Kindly complete any outstanding website orders before 19th December to enable us to process and despatch your order so it arrives before Christmas day!

Note that our factory closes 21st December, and re-opens 7th January. Orders made over this period will be delayed into the new year.