Wine infused Chocolate - how to pair your next glass with the perfect flavour

Wine and chocolate have a lot of similarities. For one, they’re both considered aphrodisiacs. Despite what you might think, it’s somewhat challenging to pair wine and chocolate together. But we have the solution.

We have been infusing wine into chocolate for over 20 years, this started as an original idea and recipe that Gibbston Valley Wine Company were brave enough to join forces with.  We started infusing their wines and it just took off from there. We have now infused wines from all over New Zealand such as Gibbston Valley, Mt Difficulty, Rockburn, Sileni, Mission Estate, Rabbit Ranch and many more. 

To pair the chocolate to the wine we use the tasting notes of the wine itself, and the wine maker, to come up with the perfect flavours. 

We have infused all sorts of wines such as Pinot Noir (everyones favourite) Rose, Pinot Gris, Champagne and our Sauvignon Blanc speciality is pairing it with cinnamon to create a Bluff Oyster inspired chocolate! 

All this infusing follows the original vision of the Serioulsy Good Chocolate Company's goal of promoting New Zealand flavours, wine and chocolate to the world. One bite at a time. 

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