About Us

Seriously Good Chocolate Company is a small business based out of Southland, New Zealand. We are a team of chocolatiers who craft handmade seriously good chocolates inspired by New Zealand culture, landscapes, flora, fauna and coastlines.

We believe that chocolate should be pure New Zealand indulgence—made with an old family recipe and inspired by the country we love. That's why we source our ingredients from local farmers and producers in New Zealand, so you can taste what it means to be a Kiwi one bite at a time!

Our collections include Father's Day Chocolates, Christmas Chocolates, Kiwiana Chocolates and much much more. Each collection is inspired by different aspects of life in New Zealand—from our landscape and climate to our wine regions and vineyards.

We were founded on the idea that wine-infused chocolate made from grape skins should be used as an alternative way to make delicious chocolate treats with Gibbston Valley Winery. Now we work with breweries and wineries across New Zealand to develop new recipes that showcase their unique flavors in each chocolate bar!


The Seriously Good Chocolate Company was founded by Jane Stanton in the year 2000 when Jane first began making chocolate truffles using her grandfather’s recipes. Her grandfather named Tik Heenan was a real pioneer with true kiwi ingenuity who was both mayor and fire chief of Hokitika while owning the local bookstore. At the bookstore he also sold his handmade chocolates.


Tik Heenan and child - Creator of the worlds best chocolate recipe! 


Her grandfather’s treasured recipes were handed down through the family over the years and Jane shared her grandfather’s passion for making delicious chocolate treats.

From her home kitchen in Te Anau Jane first began making chocolates for family, friends and school students using her grandfather’s old-time recipes. Infusing her famous chocolate truffles with Gibbston Valley pinot noir was when her seriously good chocolate journey began.

Everyone loved Jane’s chocolates and as more and more people tasted her fabulous truffles word of mouth grew. So too did people’s appetite for more new flavours and textures using New Zealand’s unique natural ingredients.

Jane moved to Invercargill and soon was in the business of selling chocolates with a mission to promote the unique flavours of New Zealand to the world through her chocolate. One bite at a time.



The Seriously Good Chocolate Company is now a flourishing Invercargill-based business making quality handmade gourmet chocolates that imbue the real tastes of New Zealand. 

We source our ingredients and our produce from the heart of Southland and New Zealand. We pride ourselves in being a kiwi company developing kiwi flavours including the flavours of our countries finest wineries and breweries. Our chocolates are handcrafted in our factory by trained chocolatiers and artisans who think outside the square to come up with unique kiwi flavours using the best quality produce.

Today, a wide-ranging collection of chocolates are now sold throughout New Zealand with sales growing internationally. Making and selling chocolates by sourcing natural ingredients from local vineyards and infusing wine varieties in to chocolate truffles has now evolved to become an extensive range of chocolate products that feature the many different flavours of New Zealand’s history, culture and environment.